Working with Fire LP sleeve front

Working With Fire and Steel (Positive Pop Songs Volume 2) is the title of the second studio album by China Crisis released in 1983 on Virgin records. the album was produced by Mike Howlett and all songwriting is attributed to Garry (Daly) and Eddie (Lundon).

By this time the group had also expanded to include Gazza Johnson on bass, Kevin Rowlinson on drums and Steve Levy on sax and oboe. Preceded by the track Tragedy and Mystery and the title track released as singles, the album had limited success until the track Wishful Thinking became a hit in early 1984. the parent album then reached its peak position of no.20 in February of that year. Hanna Hanna was also released as a follow up single but failed to replicate the success of Wishful Thinking.


  • original LP/MC release, 1983

Side One

Working with Fire album ad Smash Hits November 1983
  1. Working With Fire and Steel
  2. When the Piper Calls
  3. Hanna Hanna
  4. Animals in Jungles
  5. Here Come a Raincloud

Side Two

  1. Wishful Thinking
  2. Tragedy and Mystery
  3. Papua
  4. The Gates of Door to Door
  5. The Soul Awakening


  • in record collection (LP)
  • Top 50 albums
  • top 20 albums of 1983

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