Visage is the title of the debut album by British group Visage, released on Polydor in 1980. It was produced by Visage and Midge Ure, who also had a hand in writing all the tracks, together with group frontman Steve Strange who himself contributed to the writing of all but two of the tracks (The Dancer and Fade to Grey).

The album features the iconic hit single Fade to Grey and the follow-up singles Mind of a Toy and the title track remixed. The version of Tar is a re-recording of the group's debut single.


  • original LP and cassette issue, 1980

Side one

  1. Visage
  2. Blocks on Blocks
  3. The Dancer
  4. Tar
  5. Fade to Grey

Side two

  1. Malpaso Man
  2. Mind of a Toy
  3. Moon Over Moscow
  4. Visa-age
  5. The Steps


  • In record collection (cassette)
  • Top 50 albums

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