Ultra is the title of the ninth studio album by Depeche Mode released on 14 April 1997. Recorded over 1996 and early 1997 it was the group's first album since the departure of Alan Wilder. All songs were written by band member Martin Gore.

It was also recorded at a difficult time for the group as surviving members were all coming through difficult times. According to Daniel Miller, "Dave (Gahan) was fragile and everyone was a bit fucked up" although making the album "pulled them back from the edge of the abyss".[1]

Preceded by the singles Barrel of a Gun and It's No Good (both top 5 in the UK, their best since highest positions ever, the album went straight into no.1 on its release. Due to the groups somewaht 'fragile' state there was no promotional tour. Two further singles Home and Useless were released although fared less well.

Ultra was the groups' last album of the nineties and of the 20th century.


  • original CD release
  1. Barrel of a Gun (5:36)
  2. The Love Thieves (6:34)
  3. Home (5:43)
  4. It's No Good (5:59)
  5. Uselink (2:21)
  6. Useless (5:12)
  7. Sister of Night (6:04)
  8. Jazz Thieves (2:55)
  9. Freestate (6:44)
  10. The Bottom Line (4:27)
  11. Insight (6:27)
  12. Junior Painkiller (2:10)*

*final track not listed on releases.

  • MC and LP releases, Side one 1-6 above, Side two 7-12 above.
  • CD/DVD 2007 release,
    • CD album remaster
    • DVD
      • Depeche Mode : 1996-98 (Oh Well, That's The End Of The Band...)
      • full album in 5.1 and stereo /
      • Live In London, April 1997: BArrel of a Gun / It's No Good / Useless.
      • Additional Tracks: Painkiller / Only When I Lose Myself / Slowblow / Surrender / Headstar.


  1. Ultra 2009 re-issue sleevenotes


  • MC and album related singles in record collection.

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