List of records, cassettes and CDs in my record collection by artist beginning with C, including solo artist surname C.

China Crisis


King 7 front
  • African & White b/w Red Sails, Be Suspicious, (12", Inevitable 1982 - since sold)
  • Scream Down At Me b/w Cucumber Garden, (7", Virgin 1982)
  • Christian b/w Greenacre Bay, Performing Seals (7", Virgin 1982)
  • Working With Fire and Steel, Fire and Steel (mix) b/w Dockland, Forever I & I (12", Virgin 1983)
  • Wishful Thinking b/w This Occupation (7", Virgin 1983)
  • Wishful Thinking / Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives b/w This Occupation (Extended Mix) / Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives (Extended Mix) (12" Virgin 1983)
  • Hanna Hanna (Extended Mix) b/w Here Come A Raincloud (Live), African And White (Live) (12", Virgin 1984)
  • Black Man Ray b/w It's Never Too Late, Animalistic (A Day at the Zoo mix) (12", Virgin 1985)
  • King In a Catholic Style (Wake Up) (extended version) b/w Blue Sea / King In a Catholic Style (Wake Up) (12" Virgin 1985)
  • You Did Cut Me b/w You Did Cut Me (live) plus Christian (live) b/w Seven Sports For All (live) (2x7", Virgin 1985)
  • The Highest High b/w 96.8, Orange Mutt-Mutt Dance (12" Virgin 1985)
  • African And White (The Steve Proctor Remix) b/w Red Sails, Be Suspicious (12", Virgin 1990)
  • Best Kept Secret / The Instigator / Black Man Ray / You Did Cut Me / Arizona Sky (CD, Virgin 1987 - withdrawn!)
  • Every Day The Same (Radio Edit) / Tell Me What It Is / Every Day The Same (Riff & Hum Club Mix) / Every Day The Same (Drum-A-Pella Mix) / Every Day The Same (version original) (CD, Stradumb records 1994)


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