List of records, cassettes and CDs in my record collection by artist beginning with A, including solo artist surname A.

Arrival front 1280x1280


singles (all 7")

  • The Name of the Game
  • Take a Chance On Me
  • Summer Night City
  • Head Over Heels


  • Greatest Hits (LP, 1976)
  • Arrival (CD/DVD De-luxe)
  • The Album (LP, CD/DVD De-luxe)
  • Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (LP)
Lexicon of Love LP front



  • The Look of Love (12")


  • The Lexicon of Love (LP, CD, CD deluxe)
  • Beauty Stab (LP)
  • Alphabet City (LP)
  • The Lexicon of Love II (CD)

A Certain Ratio


  • Wild Party b/w Sounds Like Something Dirty (12" FAC 128, 1985)

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