Penthouse and Pavement UK LP 1981 front

Penthouse and Pavement is the title of the debut album by Heaven 17 released on Virgin records in 1981. The album was produced by B.E.F. and all songs written by B.E.F./Gregory. It entered the UK album charts at no.20 on its release and reached its peak position of no.14 a week later. It also enjoyed surprising longevity with a total of 77 weeks in the Top 100 over a period of two years after its release.

Four singles were taken form the album, none of which managed to enter the UK Top 40. (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang and Play To Win both preceded the album whilst an edit of the title track and a remix of At the Height of the Fighting were released afterwards. The album did not feature their other 1981 single I'm Your Money.


The group at the time was made up of three permanent members Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh (both formerly of The Human League) and vocalist Glenn Gregory, plus guest musicians most notably John Wilson on bass, guitar and guitar synthesiser on the Penthouse side.


  • original LP/MC release, V 2208 - Virgin 1981

Penthouse Side

  1. (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
  2. Penthouse and Pavement
  3. Play To Win
  4. Soul Warfare

Pavement Side

  1. Geisha Boys and Temple Girls
  2. Let's All Make a Bomb
  3. At the Height of the Fighting
  4. Song With No Name
  5. We're Going to Live for a Very Long Time
  • CD re-issue, Virgin CDVR 2208, 2006

as above plus:

  1. Groove Thang (B.E.F.)
  2. Are Everything (12" version)
  3. I'm Your Money (12" version)
  4. Decline of the West (B.E.F.)
  5. Honeymoon in New York (B.E.F.)
  • new CD re-issue, 2010 with bonus tracks, demos, etc., plus The Making Of Penthouse And Pavement Documentary DVD. Details here

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