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    2,200...and Days

    May 11, 2018 by MemberD

    Passed the 2,200 page mark today. Also for most of this current month of May I've been using the new Days page format as a way of summarsing the 'On This Day' feature and incorporating an at-a-glance calendar with all the years linked. It's taken a bit of work but after a bit of sweating, fretting and tweaking it no seems to be a good solution. The Days page also incudes:

    day of the year ie.125/365 - 126/366 

    • Days of the Week calendar: all years 1964 - 2018 for now. Each year links to page, either already exisiting or to be created
    • Birthdays - famous birthdays with (b.19) format. If born from 1964 onwards then link to day. If deceased then (b.1936, dec.).
    • Events - year (with link): notable event (at my discretion).
    • Charts - as announced on this…
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    2,000 pages

    April 12, 2018 by MemberD

    And so on 11 April 2017 we reached the 2,000 page mark, duly noted by this page, a summary of the day - 11 April. This is a new kind of page I've been working, just to try and get as much info as possibile in, not just on one page but also in the short amount of time available during the working day.

    For now the main sections are:

    • Days of the Week
    • Birthdays
    • Events
    • Charts
    • Top of the Pops
    • Publications (magazine front covers)
    • Stamps

    The day template has also therefore been modified to include the summary page and any deatiled date pages I manage to get done. I'm also moving Birthdays to the Day page rather than the template.

    It's taken just over six months since the 1,000 page mark and it's just over a year since we started so no need for wild calcula…

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    1,964 pages

    April 5, 2018 by MemberD

    Thought it was an interesting landmark (1964 - geddit?) reached today. I dedicated it to 05 April 1964, the day in which The Beatles filmed the opening 'chase' scenes for A Hard Day's Night.

    I worled quite hard on 04 April page yesterday and today - the Days format I've used a few times. It's an interesting type of page but requires quitae a lot of time and perhaps should be done only after you've got as many individual year pages as possible.

    MemberD (talk) 14:13, April 5, 2018 (UTC)

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    Passed the 1,900 page mark today but didn't bother to make it anything special. Let's save that for the 2,000 mark!

    Easter is almost upon us and I've been looking into the dates it falls on in the various years. the earliest one in our scope was fairly recent ie. 23 March 2008 , and the latest one 24 April 2011. It's fascinating how the date works out in the various years - it all seems fairly random although onbviously as well as there being good reason for the date, there must also be a way of calculating it. Somehow. Anyway found a good file which has a spreadsheet of all Easter Day dates from 1700- 2229. An Easter category has also been created to be applied to Easter Sunday date pages.

    Also been reorganising image files on my harddrive,…

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    Our Pop Culture wiki is one year old tomorrow. It all started with this message received after the wiki was started (albeit under a different name) on 24 March 2017 .

    Since then we've grown and grown (and changed our name, and approach) and as of now have 1,867 pages covering a wide range of categories, pages and dates cataloguing things that have happened since the beginning of 1964.

    We still have a lot to learn so onwards and upwards....

    I won't have access to a computer tomorrow so celebrating early. 


    MemberD (talk) 15:40, March 23, 2018 (UTC)

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    1800 pages

    March 16, 2018 by MemberD

    Hello and welcome back. Reached 1,800 pages today in a surprisingly quick time, and also noticed it was coming up this time so managed to dedicate it to something special, namely the beates song Yesterday .

    The single cropped up in an #OTD for 1976 as a re-release, or rather the first UK release proper, entered the charts as HNE on 16 March 1976. I was surprised to learn that it was never released as a single in the UK back in the 60s as apparently the group thought it would somehow spoil their image. It was however released in the US where it duly went to N1, and meanwhile crooner Matt Monro snapped up the opportunity to make a pretty penny out of a single release and took it into the UK charts himself. As the song was famously written onl…

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    1700 pages ...and...

    March 5, 2018 by MemberD

    Reached 1700 pages, as unceremoniously and as distractedly as usual, ie. I hardly noticed as things to be getting a bit' routine' these days. I'm pleased with progress although getting stuck in a rut a little bit re sources and material. It seesm otbe the usual TV / Radio / Charts / TOTP heading and only a few random events, although I'm thinking perhaps I may be able to get more news and trivia relative to specific dates in once a lot more dates have been put up.

    I've just laid down a TV programmes Infobox, although the Wiki seems to take a little time in processing such info so won't be able to insert as many as I had planned today. Also I've decided 'TV programmes' is a better name for the category vs. 'TV shows' so I'll have to update t…

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    1600 pages

    February 20, 2018 by MemberD

    Again, achieving this number of pages passed me by so I didn't get to dedicate it to any particular subject, in fact I think it was the every unassuming 20 February 1975 with its video and picture-less Top of the Pops listing! This was one of the many shows that were 'wiped' from the BBC archives sometime after the mid-70s presumably becuase someone thought they weren't worth keeping. Happily that wasn't the case in successive years so we now have the many BBC Four TOTP re-runs, currently up to 1985 with 1981-82 re-re-running.

    But going back that '75 TOTP it was interesting to see Slade's How Does It Feel opening the show although I'm wondering whether that was played over the opening chart rundown or if they were in the studio. The song is…

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    1500 pages

    February 1, 2018 by MemberD

    01 February 2018 and almost without realising it, we reached 1,500 pages today. I think N1500 might have been this fairly unassuming 01 February 1979 page. Anyway I dedicate it to my friend AS who was born OTD in 1978 (for which I have sadly found nothing in particular either in events or telly / radio!) It's been 13 calendar days since page 1400 so still good going.

    I've decided to abandon the idea of a full list of OTD templates for each date as it clogs up the home page too much. This many need re-designing (again) as a consequence. I also found that a full list put me under undue pressure to produce as many date pages for that day as possible, which took a lot of fun out it all and made it feel too much like a work deadline every time. …

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    1400 pages

    January 19, 2018 by MemberD

    Hit the 1,400 page mark today, almost with realising. Here it is -  a rather unassuming date and feature this time, rather than being dedicated to anything/anyone in particular.

    When posting up this No.1 magazine section however, I was struck by how similar it was to the same Smash Hits , published a few days earlier: same features, same singles, same lyrics etc., although No.1 was a far inferior publication, and SH was definitely at its peak at this time. (That said No.1 did carry a rather interesting 'interim' ABC feature. I didn't know David Palmer joined Fry/White again after their 'cartoon' period when the dwarf and the blonde had evidently departed. ocean Blue had just been released as a single. I don't think the re-formed trio came t…

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    1300 pages

    January 9, 2018 by MemberD

    Reached page no.1300 today, and dedicated it one of my favourite artists, and certianly of the most important to pop culture, David Bowie. Today is also the day between the date of his birth (08 January) and that of his death (10 January). 

    Despite an immeasurable legacy, Bowie is still greatly missed.

    100 pages completed since 20 December 2017, 20 calendar days and only around 5 working days. Getting faster.

    Started concentrating more on media such as TV, UK charts and magazine covers/pages found on the net. The majority of pages are still Dates, and the log list of wanted pages grows even longer.

    MemberD (talk) 14:37, January 9, 2018 (UTC)

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    1200 pages

    December 20, 2017 by MemberD
    • Reached 1,200 pages today. This is it and as it features a cartoon canine, I dedicate it to my adorable dog Mr. T.
    • 100 pages compiled in 14 calendar days (9 working days = average 11.11 per day - a lot!)
    • Have been doing a lot of Radio Times Xmas/NY issues, using this model:



    • Radio Times Christmas issue.
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    1100 pages

    December 6, 2017 by MemberD

    Reached 1100 pages today and dedicated it to one of my favourite songs .

    100 pages compiled in 26 calendar days (18 working days = average 5.55 per day)

    MemberD (talk) 13:08, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

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    04 December

    December 4, 2017 by MemberD

    A very productive day today, although this needs finishing off as it's a classic 'mid-80s' issue.

    ---MemberD (talk) 16:42, December 4, 2017 (UTC)

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    1000 pages

    November 10, 2017 by MemberD

    Reached page 1000 today, and have dedicated it to The Beatles, one of the main inspirations for this wiki.

    I've created 100 pages in less than a month and I am generally pleased how the whole site is progressing, making it less 'personal'. 

    Still no other contributors yet but perhaps as the wiki expands it may gain more attention.

    MemberD (talk) 09:01, November 10, 2017 (UTC) 

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    Removed the section as needs constant updating and better design.

    Section was thus:

    Pepper Box

    Kate Bush
    28 July 1968
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    New releases (section)

    October 27, 2017 by MemberD

    New section title 'New releases' to be used for Fridays (usual date for new music releases).

    Include with sub-section Albums and singles.

    Album re-releases, special editions etc. to be included a sub-sub-section.

    FIlms/movies or DVDs may also be added with further sub-section.

    Major Film/movie releases not on Friday may also be included as Events.

    New releases

    • UK release dates unless otherwise stated

    •  Artist - Title

    • Artist - Title

    • Artist - Title

    • Title

    • Title

    • the guardian - this week's new tracks
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    October 19, 2017 by MemberD

    Reached page 900 today. (19 October 1982 )

    Blog name has since be renamed A Pop Culture Scrapbook (and Diary).

    Some interesting new radio sources since last time.

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    September 29, 2017 by MemberD

    Reached 800 pages today.

    Two new interesting source sites &

    Thinking of new title 'Pop Culture'

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