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Wiki description

This wiki is an illustrated compendium (scrapbook) of dates and events (diary) occurring in popular culture since around February 1964, the month of birth of the wiki creator and the time in history when The Beatles were involved in one of the most significant events in modern pop culture history, their first visit to the USA - a seminal moment in history when British pop culture was going out into the world.

This wiki is not just about pop music, The Beatles and the sixties however. It also contains information on people such as actors, recording artists, broadcasters and authors active during the given time frame, as well as on (mostly British) TV and radio shows, books and popular music album and single releases. Single events may also cover current afairs, politics, natural disasters and sports events. Space travel and exploration is also covered. The wiki may also contain pages on individual cities, countries and places which may be of significance. (see Categories page and abbreviated list below)

Contributors are welcome to add to existing pages or create new ones following the given categories and guidelines, although any additions must remain within the set time frame ie. from February 1964 to the present date.


The 'Connections' section of a given page is provided so that contributors can state their own personal connections to a particular date, person, book, album etc.


Time People Places Media Events Personal
Dates Recording artists Cities TV Sport Diary entries
Years Groups Countries Radio shows Eurovision Music purchase dates
Months Musicians Places Smash Hits Space Milestones
Authors NME Concerts
Broadcasters Albums
People Songs

Full list: Categories


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