Our World 25 June 1967 first live international satellite TV101:40

Our World 25 June 1967 first live international satellite TV1

  • TV:  first live, international, satellite television production:BBC One 7.55 pm: Our World - The European Broadcasting Union, in association with the television services of eighteen nations, presents Our World / Unsere Welt. [1]

This evening in Europe, this afternoon in America, tomorrow in Japan, Live Television Circles the Globe for the first time ever linking five continents and bringing man face to face with mankind in places as far apart as Canberra and Cape Kennedy, Moscow and Montreal, Samarkand and Soderfors, Takamatsu and Tunis.

The babies who are being born at this moment in time

are joining a hungry and overcrowded human race,

a race responding to the challenge of the physical world,

a race aiming at artistic excellence,

a race striving to widen the frontiers of the mind,

a race reaching out beyond its own planet,

a race building for the world of tomorrow

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