• BBC Two 8.30 pm Film: The Third Day [1]
  • Feature film starring George Peppard Elizabeth Ashley 

A man stands, dripping wet, on the highway. He has no idea who he is or where he is. Nor that there is a dead girl on the riverbank nearby. The first facts that Steve Mallory discovers about himself seem pretty good - he is rich and he has a beautiful wife. But there are family tensions which he does not understand and when he is accused of murder, everyone seems eager to assume his guilt....  Screenplay by ROBERT WOHL and ROBERT PRESNELL JR , from the novel by JOSEPH HAYES Produced and directed by JACK SMIGHT

Top of the Pops


Frankie Goes To Hollywood


TOTP Chart Rundown 19th July 1984

TOTP Chart Rundown 19th July 1984