5 of 6 The Real Thing 1980 James Burke

5 of 6 The Real Thing 1980 James Burke

  • BBC One 8.30 pm: James Burke: The Real Thing - The View from Within
    • If you have a moment - think about your brain. OK? Now - if you usually think with your brain, what did you just use to think with, when you thought about your brain? This week, in the search for reality James Burke looks inside your head to see where the ' I ' is and ends up at a party. You may enjoy it - wherever ' You ' is.

video recording from rpt 29 November 1983 (BBC2).

Top of the Pops

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  • my review at TOTP 80

Smash Hits

Issue: April 17-30,1980 Madness cover [1]

Features: Davy Jones (The Monkees), Madness, B A Robertson,

Lyrics: Daydream Believer, Clean Clean, Modern Girl, Silver Dream Machine, High Fidelity, Food for Thought, Geno, Living After Midnight

Bitz: Pink Floyd The Wall show, Sex Pistols, Sheena Easton, UB40.

Independent Bitz: Orange Juice, Fad Gadget, Boots For Dancing, Orior

Singles: Call Me, Coming Up, Eurovision, A Forest,

Albums: Duke, Hypnotised,


Centrespread: The Vapors

Back cover: Siouxsie & the Banshees

Ads: 10CC - Look Hear, The Face, Hypnotised, Saigon,

Smash Hits April 17 1980 - Madness cover