• Gary Numan - Telekon (album) released.


* Cover and feature: A Certain Ratio* Telekon review
1980-09-06 NME ACR


  • "Gary Numan Day". - see record purchases below and 'up in the early hours of the morning taping a 45 min. (Numan) interview'.
  • Bought Telekon LP and I Die: You Die 7" in Hereford. The LP, which also included a free two-track 7" live EP, had just been released, while the single was at no. 6 in the charts. This was my fourth Gary Numan single purchase, and second picture sleeve. The B side of the single is an excellent piano version of the Tubeway Army track 'Down in the Park'. I've often doubted as to whether this was actually played by Numan himself or by D. Haines who is credited with piano playing for the A side.
  • Bought above NME (I actually have no recollection of this issue, despite my diary entry for this day).
  • Went to a cèilidh at night at Whitbourne Hall.