• UK General Election.
  • TV: BBC One 10.55 - Decision '79: Callaghan or Thatcher?
    • The polling booths have closed. The count is under way. The candidates prepare themselves for victory, or defeat. In the Results Studio, David Dimbleby and Robin Day welcome you to a night of political drama as your votes add up to the kind of government you have chosen for the eighties. 

Top of the Pops

presented by JS

  1. (15) GONZALEZ – I Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet (and charts)
  2. (28) The Undertones– Jimmy Jimmy
  3. (19) ABBA – Does Your Mother Know (footage from Snowtime Special: Abba In Switzerland 16-4-79)(3) M – Pop Muzik
  4. (22) THE DICKIES – Banana Splits (Tra La La Song)
  5. (21) PEACHES & HERB – Reunited (danced to by Legs & Co)
  6. (27) The Police– Roxanne
  7. (30) Mike OldfieldGuilty
  8. (1) ART GARFUNKEL – Bright Eyes (video)
  9. (5) WINGS – Goodnight Tonight (and credits)

Smash Hits

Issue: 3-16 May 1979, Billy Idol cover [1]

Features: Gimmicks, Mickie Most (by D. Hepworth),

Lyrics: Knock On Wood, Pop Muzik, Does Your Mother Know, I'm an Upstart,

Bitz, Billy Idol, Amii Stewart, M, The Damned, Bowie, JJ Burnel (Stranglers),

Singles: Say When, Boys Keep Swingin', Jimmy Jimmy, Does Your Mother Know?

Albums: Second Hand daylight, Music For Airports, Manifesto.

Live: Roxy Music, XTC, Undertones, Mike Oldfield, The Jam, members, Status Quo

Centrespread: Village People.

Back cover: Squeeze

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Smash Hits May 3 1979 p.01 Billy Idol