My age: 19

My location: Lancaster


Smash Hits

Smash Hits, March 3, 1983
  • Issue March 3-16 1983 (Eurythmics cover) [1]
  • Features: Eurythmics, Depeche Mode 'Almost There'
  • Lyrics: Rip It Up, Sweet Dreams, Waves,
  • Albums: OMD - Dazzle Ships, U2 - War,
  • Adverts: The Hurting, Human League video single, China Crisis -Difficult Shapes LP, Dazzle Ships (WH Smith)


1983-03-05 NME

Top of the Pops

Introduced by Kid Jensen and John Peel
TOTP (30-11) Chart Rundown 3rd March 198301:56

TOTP (30-11) Chart Rundown 3rd March 1983

1983 TOTP - Genetic Engineering - OMD03:37

1983 TOTP - Genetic Engineering - OMD

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