• TV: Top of the Pops and European Connections.

Top of the Pops

Introduced by David Jensen and John Peel

  • Modern Romance – “Walking In The Rain” (9)
  • Madness – “Wings Of A Dove” (4) (video)


  • Gary Numan – “Warriors” (30) 
  • John Peel – European charts:
    • Righeira – “Vamos A La Playa” (video clip)
    • Rose Laurens – “Africa The Voodoo Master” (video clip)
    • Ryan Paris – interview + “Dolce Vita” (video clip)
    • Berdian Stenberg – “Rondo Rosso” (video clip)
  • Genesis – “Mama” (20) (video)
  • Big Country – “Chance” (22)
  • Stray Cats – “(She’s) Sexy & 17” (32) 
  • UB40 – “Red Red Wine” (1) (rpt from 25/08/83) 
  • New Order – “Confusion” (17) (audience dancing/credits)

Smash Hits

Issue: 1-14 September - 1983, Heaven 17 cover [1]

Features: Phoenix Park Festival, Dublin, Heaven 17, Robert Plant

Lyrics: Warriors (Gary Numan colour pic), Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Karma Chameleon, Confusion, Mama, Come Back and Stay

Singles: Come Back and Stay, Karma Chameleon, Your Dress, Warriors, Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Confusion,

Albums: Construction Time Again ("a brave departure" 7/10)

Live: The Police Neil Tennant; Dates: Gary Numan, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Paul Young, Big Country

Centrespread: Madness

Back cover: The Lotus Eaters

Ads: Come Back and Stay + (Paul Young) tour, Mama, Crushed by the Wheels of Industry, Your Dress

Smash Hits, September 1, 1983 - p.01 H17 cover

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